Get your FPqrp Official Membership Certificate

I regret that I've had to raise prices slightly due to the increased costs of
ink, paper stock and postage (mostly because of US postage increases).
New Prices, including shipping are $6.75 US, $7.75 Canada and $8.00 DX

The certificate is printed in color on high quality parchment paper suitable
for framing and designed to be proudly displayed on your shack wall.

US Payment via check, money order, cash or PAYPAL.
International Payment via US cash or PAYPAL only.
PAYPAL ID = w0eb[at]
All checks made out to Aubrey J. Sheldon

Please include your callsign, your FP number and your name
as you wish it to appear on the certificate

Mail to:
Aubrey J. Sheldon
2029 East Evanston Dr.
Wichita, KS 67219-1618