PIX of Dayton 2000 Hamvention & FDIM
May 18-21, 2000

Daryl KD8HT FP-54, and Tom K8CZ FP-41, leaving the Arena on Friday.

Donna & Dave KB8RRG FP-7, Mary NA6E FP-35, and Tom K8CZ FP-41.
Special thanks to Joyce Shattuck N2PTW, better half of Les K4NK FP-25 for the creation of the Table Mascot
Also special thanks to Mary NA6E FP-35 for creating the great looking FP Name Badges

Diz W8DIZ FP-1, Dave KB8RRG FP-7 and Tom K8CZ FP-41, selling the miniPIG and PIG paddles.

L-R, Leonard Young, KS4RN of NoGaQRP, Joyce N2PTW and Les K4NK Shattuck FP-25,
and Mike Branca, W3IRZ of NoGaQRP at ARCI booth on Saturday morning.

Front to back, L-R, Andy KC8KFI FP-8 and Rick WB6JBM FP-2
Dan N8IE FP-6, Dave KB8RRG FP-7, Diz W8DIZ FP-1 and John WA8KNE FP-60
and last, Elmer FP-wannabe saying "the toilet paper is old 73 magazines"

Ran into Armin VE3TEQ FP-52, our first Canadian Bacon
Are those towers or oil rigs in the background?

Andy KC8KFI FP-8 with his mobile version of the K2

Andy KC8KFI FP-8 and Eric WA6HHQ FP-38 reviewing the K2 warranty

Andy KC8KFI FP-8 receiving an award from Jim W4QO FP-21 for technical merit
The award was a K2-ATU donated by Elecraft (next is a Harley)

The crowd listening for the winners of the builder's contest

Mary NA6E FP-35 (in convict uniform) and Mark WT6P FP-46
These two will climb your tower for free!

Harold KE6TI FP-48 emptied his garage for a show and tell. Fun toys.
Harold said..."I thought I was the only one that built UGLY style construction!"

Diz W8DIZ FP-1, trying to explain why there are two metal posts coming out of the side of the K2

L-R, Ken Evans, W4DU, FDIM Chairman, Peter DL2FI FP-62 and Jim W4QO FP-21
having a great time, and happy hour has not even started yet

Rich WB9LPU FP-16; his town will be busy this month

Mark WT6P FP-46 with Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV and Nils W8IJN