FAQ for new, old and prospective members

Hello and welcome to the Flying Pigs QRP Club.
Display your FPqrp number proudly.

If you don't have a number yet and would like to get one, please use your "Back" button and scroll to the bottom of the FPQRP webpage. There you will find the word membership highlighted in red. Click on it and follow the instructions please.

Click here to subscribe to the regular FPqrp-L email reflector, but, the email reflector is only open to FPQRP Club members so if you don't have an FP#, please consider joining the club (see instructions above).
All club email will have [FPqrp-L] as part of the subject line.

Club email is not moderated, as we are not a stuffy group. You can send off topic messages about most subjects, but please keep it clean and in good taste. We do like good-natured ribbing and joking with each other, but we will not tolerate flaming other members or spaming the group. We will remove offenders who abuse our open policy.
NOTE: We offer private lessons in the use of the Delete Key

If you are having problems with email, the web page, or a fellow club member, please report this to either

Thank you for joining the Flying Pigs QRP Club, and hope you have fun!