pigtures from slashrick

oh look, it's Dan's generator!

remember the big tree that provided shade, and a place to put antennoids?
it just isn't quite the same any more

yes, we scored SOME wood. as you see, the big branch that WAS hanging out the side of the big tree, is now being used as a trash bag leaner againster.

oh, look, a baby tree, how cute.

Dan the man, with mike in ham. er, hand. inside his air conditioned pop-up!

so, gordon has this 27 million dollar trailer, and is sitting outside, with the radio in the 'garage' running digital. hey, why not.

herm (occluded), Jim, and Dave (wearing wifebeeter) under the trees, very near to the big pile of horse poo, and the frogs.

oh, there is herm!

Nigel! dude, you fed us pork! it ROCKED!

dude, uh, wrong mic

yes, that is a 6M dipole. it began life at the field day site.

Phil. need i say more?