FPqrp Field Day 2000
June 24-25, 2000 - Caesar's Lake State Park

We attempted to setup at lot #54 again but the fates were against us.
There were all sorts of festivals going on near the lake and all lots were filled.
We were lucky to find the LAST available camp site across the lake at the horseman's park.

Matt FP#-69 setting up his 6 meter beam

Matt FP#-69 - 6 meters was OPEN

Andy FP#-8 setting up his 2 meter javelin
Steve, Andy's Father looking on


Andy FP#-8 making points

Matt's FP#-69 ham mobile

Rick FP#-2 - why is he smiling?

Serious hard work

Full view of our site

Matt FP#-4 - recharging the batteries

miniPIG-10 setup - band was DEAD