Flying Pigs QRP Club International (FPQRP)
Field Day 2002.
Caesar Creek State Park, OH

Directions at bottom of page, all other info is copied from last year

Participants Responsibilities
Pappa Diz W8DIZ - FP#-1 w8diz@fpqrp.com ICOM-746 XCVR
Antenna tuner with power/swr meter
100A battery
table for the IC-746
2 chairs for use with above table
LapTop with NT40 for logging
one complete HOGWIRE antenna system at 40 feet+
DK9SQ Pole as an antenna tool
one (full) bottle cognac
400 mA solar panel
one ton of beef jerky
Gallons of drinking water for everyone
complete toolbox
truck with mattress
mosquito repellent
rain gear
anthing else I can think of
Rick Powell WB6JBM - FP#-2 ripowell@mpna.com 800ma of solar panels
power panel
300AH of batteries
big tent
Matthew Robbins AA9YH - FP#-4 Matthew.Robbins@wpafb.af.mil HF SSB Station Setup/Ops, assist with Publicity/Visit items
Dan Shephed N8IE - FP#-6 n8ie@woh.rr.com Logs
Logging Software
W8PIG Trustee
Picnik Table
Gas Grill
Dave Rawson KB8RRG - FP#-7 RAWSONDM@cs.com Ensure Dan keeps his pants on!
Phil Wilcox WB8ABE - FP#-61 rusty_rails@worldnet.att.net Solar Panels, Battery Monitoring
Matt Powell K8KLP - FP#-69 matt@mpna.com VHF Station Setup/Ops
Mike Grey KB8UUW - FP#-75 mikeg@go-concepts.com Publicity
Elected Official
Public Information Table
Warren County Comm Van
Big Tent
Air Conditioner for Big Tent
Robert Hollingsworth KC8NYW - FP#-186 0303991@altavista.com Nitrogen cooled LNA
Randy Lemmel WV9N - FP#-187 rlemmel@aol.com High Speed Meteor Scatter

HF - 2A - Battery
Category Item Who Notes
160M/80M/10M/15M CW
RigMiniPig #5W8DIZWith Computer Logging
KeyerKeyer paddleW8DIZ
Antenna/feedline160/80M DipoleW8DIZOn DK9SQ Pole
TunerAntenna TunerW8DIZ
40M CW
RigDSW-40KB8UUWWith Computer Logging
KeyerKP Keyer paddleKB8UUW
Antenna/feedlineInverted VeeWB6JBMOn DK9SQ Pole
TunerMFJ Antenna TunerKB8UUW
20M CW
RigDSW-20N8IEWith Computer Logging
KeyerK1EL Keyer with Whiterook paddlesN8IE
TunerBLT TunerN8IE
Antenna/feedline20M DipoleN8IEOriented E-W
Antenna/feedline20M DipoleWB6JBMOriented N-S
Antenna/feedlineCoax SwitchWB6JBMFor 20M Antenna Selection
160M/80M/40M/20M/15M/10M SSB
RigK2AJ4AY2 to choose from!
TunerMFJ Antenna TunerWB6JBM
Antenna/feedline3 Ele Tri-bander & 30ft Crank-upKB8UUWWith Rotator!
ShelterHeavy Duty 10 X 10 TentKB8UUWBig Enuf for 5 Piggies!!!!
TableFoldingKB8UUWStation Op 8'X3'
LightColeman Propane LanternWB6JBM+ 4 extra tanks
PaperworkLogs & FormsN8IE
ComputerPB Legend 486SLC50 NotebookWB6JBMFor HF CW Logging/Dupeing
ComputerDell Latitude 233MhzWB6JBMCWGET/Audio Filtering (DSP)

Category Item Who Notes
RigKLMWB6JBMComputer Logging/Duping
Antenna/feedline5el 2m beamWB6JBM
Antenna/feedline25ft MastWB6JBM2M, 6M Shared
RigMFJ 9406K8KLPComputer Logging/Duping
Antenna/feedline3el 6m beamK8KLP
2M Packet (counts as CW)
Keyer/MicKANTRONICS MultimodeWB6JBMUse VHF Logging Computer as Terminal
Antenna/feedline2M verticalWB6JBMExisting 2M Mobile on Sputnik
Shelter9 X 7 Cabin TentWB6JBM
TableFoldingKB8UUWStation Op 8'X3'
LightColeman LanternKB8UUW+ Fuel
PaperworkLogs & FormsN8IE
Computer200Mhz POS NotebookK8KLPFor VHF Logging/Dupeing
ComputerToshiba NotebookKB8UUWFor HF SSB Logging/Dupeing

Site Power
HF-CW 156ah Capacity, 12%DOD (19.2ah used)
Power100Ah batteryW8DIZSolar Charged
Power50Ah batteryWB6JBMSolar Charged
Power0.4A Solar panelsW8DIZFloat (4.8ah)
Power0.1A Solar panels (est)AA9YHFloat (1.2ah)
PowerMisc Gell Cell batterysVariousCommercially/Solar Charged
HF-SSB & VHF 240ah Capacity, 27%DOD (64ah used)
Power205AH BatteryWB6JBMSolar Charged
Power35Ah BatteryWB6JBMDerated 105AH Solar Charged
COMPUTER LOGGING 639.8ah Capacity, 39%DOD (246.4 used)
Power205Ah batteryKB8UUWCommercially Charged
Power205Ah batteryKB8UUWCommercially Charged
Power105Ah batteryWB6JBMSolar Charged
Power67Ah BatteryWB6JBMCar Charged
Power35AH Van battery (est)N8IEVan Charged
Power0.4A Solar panelsWB8ABEFloat (4.8ah)
Power1.5A Solar panelsWB6JBMFloat (18ah)
Power150W InverterWB6JBM12V, Dell & PB
Power300W InverterKB8UUW12V input (computers)
Power300W InverterAA9YH12V input (computers)
General Power Notes:
There will be 3 seperate DC Busses
One 12V for HF-CW - SOLAR CHARGED, Solar floated
One 12V for HF-SSB and VHF - Solar floated
One 12V for the BEER COOLER and Logging Computers (Inverter Power) Solar Floated

Power Budget
Load Drain Hours Total AH Notes
HF-CW - 19.2ah Total
MiniPig #50.2A Rx (est)6Hrs1.2ah.
MiniPig #51A Tx (est)3Hrs3ah.
K20.2A Rx (est)6Hrs1.2ah.
K21A Tx (est)3Hrs3ah.
DSW-400.2A Rx (est)6Hrs1.2ah.
DSW-401A Tx (est)3Hrs3ah.
DSW-200.2A Rx (est)6Hrs1.2ah.
DSW-201A Tx (est)3Hrs3ah.
MFJ Active AF Filter0.1A24Hrs2.4ah.
HF-SSB & VHF - 64ah Total
MFJ-94060.11A Rx12Hrs1.32ah.
MFJ-94061.3A Tx6Hrs7.8ah.
KLM0.28A Rx12Hrs3.36ah.
KLM1.5A Tx6Hrs9ah.
K20.333A Rx (est)24Hrs8ah.
K2 1.5A Tx (est)12Hrs18ah.
TNC & IC-2AT0.3A rx24Hrs7.2ah.
TNC & IC-2AT0.75A tx12Hrs9ah.
COMPUTER LOGGING - 246.4ah Total
PB Legend 486 NB (CW logging)1.8A W/ Inv. (by itself)24Hrs44ah.On Same inverter as Dell
Dell NB (CWGet)2.8A W/ Inv. (by itself)24Hrs68ah.3.5A total w/PB (84ah)
Toshiba NB (SSB logging)1.8A W/ Inv. 24Hrs43.2ah.
POS NB (VHF logging/packet)3.8A W/ Inv.12Hrs91.2ah.

OTHER (Non Operating Area)
Category Item Who Notes
Cooking Stuff?????, charcoal etcNxxxOum?
TableFoldingN8IEFolding Picnic Table with Seats for recovery!
Other1 playboy (in case the bands are dead)W8DIZ
OtherBag of DependsW8DIZ
OtherExtra TorroidsW8DIZ
OtherBug ZapperWB6JBMEntertainment!
General Setup Notes:
VHF and SSB-HF should be combined into the VHF Tent
Food and Drink should be liberally available
Commercial power for HF CW Tent Air Conditioning will be used.
Setup of everything EXCEPT radio related gear will begin friday night
Consumption of Food and Drink will begin Friday night, and end some time Sunday
Even if it isn't listed here, bring it. It will probably be used!
Even though the 'offishal' log will probably be generated from the computer logger/duper,
initial 'real time' logging should be done by hand, and those sheets saved, sorry,
I just don't trust computers!
Air conditioning from the CW tent into the VHF/SSB Tent will be via Ductwork and a Fan.
Fan power is TBD.

The Campground
The Campground (big)
The Campground (bigger)

The Confirmation Letter

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