FOBB and FOX Hunt
July 30, 2000 - Little Miami Bike Trail, Foster, Ohio

Three of us attempted to work the Flight of the Bumble Bee contest and catch the FOX.
Members of the mission were W8DIZ Diz FP#-1, Rick WB6JBM FP#-2 and Mike KB8UUW FP#-75.
Oh, YES we did catch the FOX. TWICE!!!

We walked from mile marker 12.5 to the rest stop at mile 11.3
To the right, the woods go down to the river, about 100 feet from the trail

We had a huge reflector network right overhead. Not sure if it helped or signals

Rick, WB6JBM FP#-2 erecting his 40 meter dipole using a 10 meter Fiberglas pole

Mike, KB8UUW FP#-75 doing the seating arrangements

Diz, W8DIZ FP#-1 was Bumble Bee #62

Rick, WB6JBM FP#-2 deep into it.

Mike, KB8UUW FP#-75 thinking...maybe I should try this CW stuff
Actually, today was Mike's first ever CW qso. Welcome to CW and CONGRATS!!!

We we not the only ones occupying the wood :-)

All-in-all, we had a great and successful field event!