This page is for our members to share photos and memories of their shacks, rigs, and days gone by.
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This one is from Dan, N8IE, FP#-6
This is a photo of the very first FP meeting. (R-L)Diz, Rick, Dan, and Dave.
These are from Randy, K8ZFJ, FP#-22
The second photo is a 40M DC rx, with 1 watt cubic - incher, connected as old timer psk setup!
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This one is from Bill, KD4PWB, FP#-42
The antenna, an end fed 1/2 wave (30m) wire, was directly connected to the tuner. The tuner (MFJ 901B) was grounded to the trailer. The headphone/boom mic was picked up at a hamfest for $5.
This one is from Armin, VE3TEQ, FP #-52
Set up ham radio at McKellar, Ontario Fall Fair in 99. Yes, there were other porkers around, some price winning but i was the only pig in a blanket. It was ccccold. The kid next to me was a visitor, fascinated by CW. I showed him the sound of CQ and he called me every time he found one and we tried to work him.
These pics are from Daryl, K8FP, FP#-54.
The year was 1958, and Daryl was 14 years old. The little kid in pic #2 is his younger brother.
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These two are from Fred, W2XN, FP#-126.
The first is my shack showing the OHR-100A in to top right corner.
The second is my "hidden" antenna. (Hustler 4-BTV) made to look like a flag pole in an antenna restricted mobile home park.
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Here are a few pictures of W9FCC, FP#-343.
Several are of me having a mini-expedition
on my deck, using my 20 foot fishing pole antenna. the rig is a yaesu FT-817
and MFJ 941C tuner. The wire part of the vertical is just a 20 meter dipole made
out of zip-cord.
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Also check out his cool bike pictures.
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The shack of AF8X, FP#-366
Note the cute kids picture on the wall!