Sunday September 19th, 1999
Out first eyeball was a compete success. Over 42 percent of our membership roster was in attendance,
including WB8QYY FPqrp-1, WB6JBM FPqrp-2 and KB8RRG FPqrp-7.
Rick & visitor exchange
Rick receiving greenbacks
2 QSO's with the Elecraft K2 #493
The coil of wire with pole in the middle was our support for the 15 meter Delta Loop
we logged two QSO's on 15 meters
Rick - WB6JBM/8
Would you buy a used car from this guy? And what is that on Rick's hat?
Let us bow our heads and pray...Lord, please send us some lids with money to buy this junk...
FPqrp AD
Notice the ad in the window
We waited all day for the local press to interview us about the club, but they never showed?
boat anchors
You want HOW MUCH for these boat anchors?