Eaton Ohio Pig Festival September 16th, 2000

Tom_41_K8CZ getting the feel of the Cap Touch Paddles
Rig is the multiPIG#1 operating at 4W into a 20 meter vertical dipole

Diz_1_W8DIZ making the first contact with N0TY, FP#-29 in Denver
Later we had a qso with Clint_102_K5CEM, his 1st FP qso :-)

Parking lot with one of two trees to support the vertical
Diz_1_W8DIZ  Tom_41_K8CZ  Phil_61_WB8ABE

Had a great time. WX was a bit cold in the morning; about 50 deg F.

My wife Nancy and I (W8DIZ) arrived at the Pig Festival exactly at the opening, 10 AM. There were all sorts of pork smells coming from the festival, mostly good. We took a quick tour of the fairgrounds and got a few bytes to eat. Then Tom_41_K8CZ called me on 145.72 and we met on the grounds. Said goodby to the XYL and Tom and I proceeded to set up the station. We found a nice tree to support the 20 meter vertical. Set up the multiPIG#1 and started cranking on the keyer. Band was fairly quiet for the first 15 minutes. Then to our surprize, we hooked up with Mike_29_NYT in Denver, CO. Sure was great to pick up another FP# for the WAS-Matrix. The next qso was with someone who had trouble copying us because we were only 449 so he gave up. 15 minutes later I got a call from, Clint_102_K5CEM. It was Clint's 1st FP qso and another FP in my log. Sure was fun. We gave up a bit after that. Check out the W8PIG logbook

Got a bit of a belly ache from too much pork and went home!
Tomorrow is the GCARA HamFest....more fun!

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