Flying Pigs QRP Club, International is proud to announce
Run For The Bacon
Every third Sunday night of every month at 9 PM Local time in New York City (Eastern Time)
This contest runs for two (2) hours until 11 PM local time in New York City

Work CW stations only, once per band on 160-80-40-20-15-10 only
Suggest you work the high freq bands first. Then work your way down to 80 and 160
Exchange: RST, SPC (State/Province/Country), FP# (non-members send power)
QSO Points: Member = 3 points, DX members = 5 points, non member = 1 point
SPC Multipliers: State/Province/Country total for all bands.
The same SPC may be worked on multiple bands for SPC credit.
Fifty (50) members worked Multiplier: Work 50 or more piggies = X 2 multiplier
The same piggie may be worked on multiple bands for credit toward this multiplier.
Power: QRP only ( qrp defined as 5 watts or less RF transmitter output)
Final Score: (Total QSO points) * (total SPC) * 2 (if 50 or more members worked)
Suggested Frequencies CW: 1810.7-1812, 3560.7-3562
7030.7-7044, 14060.7-14062, 21060.7-21062, 27185, 28060.7-28062



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