Flying Pigs QRP Club, International is proud to announce the
FPqrp - Worked All Pigs (WAP) Contest

This is not really a contest but just a way to entice all the piggies to get on the air and exchange FP numbers.
This contest started November 10th 0000Z 2012 and will run until we run out of electrons.
This is a casual, slow and relaxing contest. There is no need for speed in this contest

All Flying Pigs are invited to participate. Must have a piggie number
Working modes: Any and all modes, CW/SSB/AM/PSK31/RTTY/etc whatever you have.
Use any legal or illegal band permitted by your country's Communications Commission/Beaureu
Exchange: FP Number and anything else your little heart desires.
QSO Points are very simple: One (1) point for every FP member worked.
Two (2) points for every pig worked weighing over 300 pounds
No phantom pigs. No extra points for multiple bands.
We will have prizes (Merit Badges) as soon as we create a WAP Prize Committee
Power: QRP preferred but not required. QRP is defined as 5 watts or less RF transmitter output, 10 Watts PEP on SSB).
The contest logbook (see below) will keep tabs for you.
Suggested CW Frequencies: 1810.7, 3560.7, 7030.7, 14060.7, 21060.7, 27185, 28060.7


Worked All Pigs AUTOLOG via the Web

This is the only way to log your participation!

Good Luck & have fun.!

Non-Members can view the contest log here