Flying Pigs QRP Club, International is proud to announce the
FPqrp - Worked All Pigs Event!


Thanks to the 4 States QRP Group for hosting the spot page!

This is not a contest but just a way to encourage all piggies to get on the air, have fun, exchange FP numbers and earn certificates. This is a casual, slow and relaxing event. There is no need for high speed!

All Flying Pigs are invited to participate, you must have a piggie number!
Working modes: CW/SSB/AM/Digital.
Use any legal band permitted by your country's Communications Commission/Beaureu
Basic Exchange: RST, QTH, Name, Pig Number.
QRP is defined as 5 watts or less RF transmitter output CW & Digital, 10 Watts PEP on SSB.
Only one contact per piggie counts towards the certificate.
The ONLINE logbook will keep tabs for you.
Worked All Pigs AUTOLOG via the Web
Suggested CW Frequencies: 1810.7, 3560.7, 7030.7, 14060.7, 21060.7, 28060.7
For your convenience, here is a downloadable spreadsheet file, "WAPlist.xlsx"
which is a reasonably up to date FP Members list in Microsoft Excel format.
If you do not have Excel, this file can be read & printed using the (Free)
'Open Office' spreadsheet app and maybe a few others as well. It won't always
be completely up to date as the admin guys only have
so much time available.

FPqrp - Worked All Pigs Event Levels!
FARMER: work 15 piggies
CADET: work 30 piggies
ACE: work 50 piggies
MAJOR: work 75 piggies
GENERAL: work 100 piggies!

Certificates will be awarded as a printable PDF file. One can be printed for you for a nominal fee.

Good Luck & have fun.!

View the event leaderboard here